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Jennifer Mulqueen's Fundraising Page
ABOUT 2016 Mother's Day Walk 4 Peace

We invite you to participate in the historic 20th Annual Mother’s Day Walk For Peace.

Peace isn’t simply the absence of violence; peace is the presence of healing, reconciliation, and accountability. 

‚ÄčThe Mother’s Day Walk is a celebration of our potential to create communities where all families can live in peace and all children are valued. More than that, the Mother’s Day Walk is a commitment to do the work necessary to bring that vision of peace to life. We are walking to raise $600,000 so that we can sustain the Peace Institute as a center of healing, teaching, and learning for families impacted by murder, grief, trauma, and loss. You are an important part of the peacemaking process: when you invest in survivor-led, solution-driven programs and services—you interrupt cycles of violence. Walk with us toward peace, this Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8th, 2016!

The Mother's Day Walk for Peace began in 1996 for families who had lost their children to violence. On a day that we celebrate mothers and children, the Walk became a place for families and friends to feel support and love with thousands of others who pledge their commitment to peace. The Walk is the primary fundraiser to support the work of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. 

Please note ALL walkers must register.


Name Date Amount Comments
Charles S Franich Jr 05/19/2016 $100.00 Sorry we weren't able to walk this year, but here's our financial support. Thanks Jennie.
Christa Ayoub 05/08/2016 $.00  
Christa Ayoub 05/08/2016 $50.00  
Leah Gallivan 05/07/2016 $.00  
Leah Gallivan 05/07/2016 $100.00  
James May 05/05/2016 $.00  
Tracey Robinson 05/05/2016 $200.00  
James May 05/05/2016 $100.00  
David Egan 05/03/2016 $.00  
Bridget Sitkoff 05/01/2016 $50.00  
Melinda Collins 04/27/2016 $.00  
Melinda Collins 04/27/2016 $200.00  
Andrea Geyling-Moore 04/27/2016 $75.00  
Marsha Maurer 04/26/2016 $50.00  
Anthony Dutzik 04/25/2016 $.00  
Anthony Dutzik 04/25/2016 $200.00  
Jennifer Mulqueen 04/24/2016 $100.00  
Carol Davison 04/24/2016 $73.00  
Sandra Kohler 04/14/2016 $.00  
Jennifer Mulqueen 02/24/2016 $.00  
  Total $1,298.00